When you love

who you are

and have the confidence to

stand in your power

You are unstoppable. You are an Empowered Soul and there is no greater magic on Earth. 

Instead of feeling like your life is

out of control,

I am here to help you dissolve your barriers, shift your mindset, and guide you to align with the truth of your heart, so you cultivate  inner power, peace, and allow yourself to shine your light brightly upon the world.

Empowered Soul

a series of three programs customized to YOU.

Each program is carefully crafted to support you in breaking through self-doubt, anxiety, and overwhelm. By nurturing a deep connection to the light of your heart and embracing compassion for the beautiful being you are, you will learn your soul's lessons and achieve what you set out to accomplish in this lifetime.

Programs are best done in steps.

Starting with The Rising and ending with Transcendence you will connect to the truth of your soul while you build a bridge of light from your heart to your mind and learn to stand in your power, shine your bright light, and make an even bigger difference in the world around you.  

Transcendence is a prerequisite for my Living Life by Design Program, a program to 

elevate you even higher,

and is by invitation only.


If you're high achieving by nature and committed to seeing results, I recommend you begin with Transcendence, and when the time is right, we can explore if you're ready to be a part of a group of souls with extraordinary talent in

Living Life

by Design

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The Rising

3 Two-Hour Sessions

Over 45 Days.

One Session Every 2-3 Weeks.

It’s time to let go of worries about the future and regrets from the past. You’re ready to cultivate inner steadiness.

Finding this inner steadiness naturally brings more clarity and empowers you to navigate life's challenges with ease.

In three transformative two-hour sessions, I will gently guide you to explore an area of your life where you feel out of control. Together, we will break free from these limitations and cultivate calm and peace within.

By the end of our series, you will have effortlessly aligned with your inner zen and gained valuable tools to help you remain centered no matter what life throws your way.

This program is perfect for the positive influencer, creative, or soulful entrepreneur who is tired of navigating life's challenges alone. It's for those who are ready to simplify their personal and professional lives, deepen their self-love, and feel healthier, more focused, and clear about their life's direction.


The Awakened Heart

7 Two-Hour Sessions

Over 90-Days

One Session Every 2-3 Weeks.

If you crave a deeper self-love and want to feel more relaxed and embodied, this is your opportunity to unearth the root of the pressure and stress you place on yourself to be perfect, happy, successful, wealthy, or whatever else you desire. It's time to leave behind the pain and shame this creates.

During our sessions together, I will gently guide you to explore your inner world and help you step out of your own way. You'll gain tools and strategies to connect with your sacred self, deepen your self love, and accept who you are on a much deeper level.

As you tap into the wisdom of your heart and cultivate more compassion towards yourself and others, you'll notice a shift. You'll feel healthier, happier, and exude more confidence.

Over 90 days, we will work together to break free from two to three patterns of behavior that are holding you back from owning your self-worth and feeling powerful.

This package is tailored for way-showers, open-minded entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are ready to awaken to and live their truth. Together, we'll take the necessary action to make the positive difference you are meant to in this life.

The Awakened Heart package is designed to dissolve the blockages that hinder your connection to who you truly are. You'll embody a way of being where you compassionately accept your magnificence and feel relaxed and excited to create a life that ignites your soul.



14 Two-Hour Sessions

6-month commitment.

Are you ready to uncover the root of what's been holding you back and instead embrace the profound purpose behind your incredible journey?

This series is meticulously crafted for high achievers who are dedicated to breaking free from deep-seated patterns of behavior that are hindering their sense of purpose and preventing them from manifesting their heartfelt desires.

You'll be gently guided to delve into four to six deeply ingrained beliefs that are obstructing your connection to your soul self and embracing the magnificent purpose of your life journey.

This program is designed to illuminate the barriers that have been preventing you from pursuing what you love and fully embracing your passions.

It's an extraordinary opportunity for entrepreneurs and visionaries who are ready to explore their true essence, align with their authentic selves, and emerge as a transformed and empowered individual.

“Working with Elizabeth I have gained a truly safe place to express myself. Whatever I need to share, I feel safe sharing it with her. I know that I can explore the parts of myself that have been long ignored, discover astonishing truths, and Elizabeth will listen without judgement. Elizabeth is a true teacher because she pushes me to think bigger, she is patient as I learn and she applauds my growth.

In addition, being a part of the Living Life By Design community I've gained connection to a group of people who also explore their spiritual side and who aren't afraid of change. It's incredibly valuable to be able to talk about shared experience when the experience itself is so uncommon. ”

Third level mastery Living Life by Design student,
a visionary, storyteller, and Creative Architect

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