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Spiritual Shit

Listen as Alea Lovely gets down and dirty on modern spirituality in a candid interview with me on the spirituality of home design. In this EP Alea and I explore your home design from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective and myth bust the mystery of haunted spaces, ghosts, and much more!




Expect Miracles

There is already a tremendous amount of wisdom within ourselves. We should only tap into that for guidance when following our individual paths and not let other people dictate us otherwise. Pulling from that very wisdom, Kevin Pecca interviews Elizabeth Tripp to share how to live life by your design. Elizabeth is a New York City-based lifestyle design coach, intuitive median, and spiritual teacher. With her gift of seeing the blockages in people’s lives, she helps you uncover the things that hold you back from walking on your journey. She taps into the power of our soul and spirit and shares how we can connect with that energy to access the wisdom and information to become our brilliant selves. Dive deep into this episode with Elizabeth as she tells us more about designing a life we love and want to live.

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