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You are here

on this journey

to be your

brilliant self!

You are here to illuminate the world with your radiant light and revel in the joy of sharing your unique gifts with those around you. Your purpose is to wholeheartedly embrace what brings you joy, pursue your passions, and design a life you love! 

It’s time to let go of your

fear of failure,

the pressure to be perfect, and the expectations everyone else has put on you.

All of this creates a gap between the life you crave and the reality you're living,

In Living Life by Design your life challenges will come quietly where they used to be full of noise and you will open up to a new level of stillness within.

You will welcome your special gifts and use them in ways that create great impact. The kinds of partnerships you attract and the people who flow into your life will feel meaningful to you and things will arrive right on time and in sync with what you're learning.

Living Life by Design

is a bespoke experience with four 6-month mastery level phases.

This program is curated for established entrepreneurs, visionaries, coaches, and healers—individuals who naturally strive for excellence, crave tangible results, harbor a curiosity for spiritual exploration, and are poised to unleash their brilliance upon the world!

As your exclusive

lifestyle design coach

I serve as your champion so that you can become the CEO of your life.  It is my role to help you see yourself, teach you to be responsible for the design of your life and exercise your ability to make choices to create a life you love.  


As a student in this program, you will open up to your astonishing wisdom within and discover your own personal truths.

With spiritually guided homework assignments, masterminds, and workshops you will learn to see the value of who you truly are, be soulfully empowered and build a lifestyle you love from the inside out.

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When you are a Living Life By Design student,

a sacred space

is held for you to share whatever is on your mind without judgement.

This gives us room to dive deep into the inner mechanics of your mind so you can learn your soul’s lessons and clear away the opinions and beliefs you used to accept as true. This is an incredible opportunity to reconnect with your soul’s desires, and redefine what happiness, love, and prosperity mean to you. 



Living Life
by Design

is built for you.

Prior to starting, I spend several weeks preparing by tuning into your spirit guides, past loved ones, and soul energy.

With deep compassion and understanding, I present to you a program that goes beyond the conventional. It's a journey uniquely tailored to the depths of your soul.

Utilizing my innate ability to connect with spirit, I tune into your soul's longing, guiding us to the exact places where transformation is waiting to unfold. Together, we peel back the layers that seperate you from your true self, unraveling the barriers that stand between you and your desired reality.

With each step forward, we honor your journey with empathy and grace, gently paving the path towards profound breakthroughs. It's time for you to embrace your inherent power and step into a life of abundance and fulfillment.

In addition...

all students gain insider access to my high level outlook on life with:

  • A 5 week deep dive into a specific area in their lives
  • Followed by bi-weekly design sessions and masterminds 
  • 2-4 group coaching calls depending on your level of design 
  • Exclusive private workshops 
  • Unlimited text and email
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When you join the Living Life by Design program

I promise to:

  • Guide you to trust yourself, align with your soul, and masterfully manifest a life you love 
  • Guide you to let go of other people’s opinions about who you should be and see the value of who you truly are so that you can move the needle on your life and make a bigger impact on the world around you.  
  • Guide you to stand in your true power so that you feel astonishingly confident in yourself and your big dreams no matter what. 
  • Guide you to define what a healthy, prosperous, and successful life means to you so you can dissolve the gap between the life you’re living and the achievements you desire. 
  • Guide you embrace your special gifts and express them in such a way that you become a catalyst for transformation where you live.

"I am more myself now than I've ever been. More than recognition, I love myself. Truly, honestly, fully love myself. This kind of connection creates confidence: I have boundaries where there used to be none. I can be my true self where there used to be silence. I leave room for the unknown and it fills up with the most wonderful surprises. I absolutely trust that in the space between knowing what I want and getting it, there is room for even more than I can imagine. On a practical level, that stillness means I meet powerful people and I know they want to work with me. It means my relationships are healthy and I am profoundly loved. It means my projects become astonishing productions. I pay attention to how I feel. My feelings tell me where I might be feeling stuck or challenged by something. I explore those feelings to understand the thoughts behind them. Inside those thoughts is a belief. What is this belief? Where did it come from? Is it mine or something I learned? Is it big? Is it small? These beliefs are the building blocks of my circumstances. This is how I explore my life in order to evolve and find new space for deeper stillness and greater joy. In my connection to myself, there is also a deeper connection to an infinite space. I've learned to slow down and rest in that infinite connection, to communicate with a greater power and be the master creator of my future."

Third level mastery Living Life by Design student,
a visionary, storyteller, and Creative Architect

“I am a real CEO and problem solver! I now have power over my life - over what I say yes and no to and how I handle what life throws me. I am clear headed, decisive and I only partner with people and companies who value me and recognize my worth. My definition of success has transformed and I understand it’s unique to me and my soul’s path. It means doing things that bring me joy and allow me to express my true gifts. My connection to my soul self has deepened. I receive a lot of spiritual messages now and I trust I can call my guides and ask for their support. I have created a foundation of calm for myself, upleveled my own belief in myself, and my power to create my life! ”

First level mastery Living Life by Design student,

Find out if you’re ready to get unstuck and back on track to

design a life

you love!

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