love your life 2023!

Have you been experiencing increased stress over the last few years? 

It's not uncommon to feel anxious and overwhelmed right now. You're not alone. Everyone is going through something, but you maybe self sabotaging your health and happiness which is likely leading you to feel stuck. Are you ready to learn why?  

Surprising Ways You're Sabotaging Yourself

In times of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, it's common to resort to coping mechanisms that seem harmless but may actually hinder your progress:

  • Emotional Eating: Seeking solace in food may temporarily soothe your emotions, but it rarely brings lasting peace.
  • Excessive Drinking: Indulging in one too many cocktails can cloud your judgment and impair your ability to make sound decisions.
  • Busyness Overload: Constantly keeping yourself occupied may leave you feeling drained and depleted, rather than fulfilled.
  • Digital Distractions: Losing yourself in TV, social media, or video games can disconnect you from your true self, hindering personal growth and fulfillment.

Self sabotage disconnects you from your body and your soul.   

Here's why... 
  • Mental Noise: Constant mental chatter makes it challenging to listen to your inner voice—the voice of your true self.
  • Physical Strain: Your body bears the burden of perpetual stress, leaving you fatigued as your nervous system in overdrive.
  • Emotional Neglect: By neglecting your own needs, you allow feelings of sadness and resentment to fester within.
  • External Validation: Seeking validation from others leads to self-doubt and a sense of unworthiness, further fueling self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Unattainable Goals: Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself only perpetuates the cycle of disappointment and self-criticism.
  • As this cycle repeats, you may feel trapped, exhausted, and uncertain about the possibility of change

To shift out of hard and into easy with your well-being this 2022 you'll want to

learn how to...

This Fall 2023

Imagine being in flow....

You've arrived at a feeling of being free to enjoy your body and your life. 

You are at peace within because you feel healthy and good about yourself!

You have transformed self sabotaging thought patterns and behaviors and now you have more energy to focus on developing yourself and discovering your lives purpose! 

You feel deeply connected to your body, aligned with your intuition, and on your soul path because your stress, worry and pressure have dissolved. 

You've quieted your inner critic and feel more in control of making healthy choices, mind body and spirit. 

You're looking at your reflection in the mirror and you love what you see, because you know how beautiful you truly are from the inside out.

I'm Elizabeth Tripp

and to this day I remember when I accepted I would

never be beautiful


I was 13 years old and had arrived at my middle school locker. When I unlocked the combo and opened the door I froze. On a loose leaf piece of paper, a hand drawn picture of a school bus floated down to the floor.  In bold letters the words "Elizabeth you're as big as a bus..” glared back at me.

My heart sank while the sound of teenage boys snickering behind me became louder, and a sharp pain ran through my chest, and I thought to myself “why am I so ugly?” 

With tears streaming down my face that was the moment I accepted I would never be beautiful.

For 17 years the sound of these boys laughing at me haunted me. Every mirror I looked into, every job interview I went on, and every relationship I got into, I couldn’t escape from the voice inside my head that told me I was nothing but as big as a bus.

From that day forward my thirteen year old me decided I had to be thin.

Thin was beautiful. It was sexy. It meant I was desirable and therefore worthy of other people’s love and attention.  

Being bigger was bad. It meant I was in need of fixing, that I was lazy and that I wasn’t acceptable.  

But isn’t this the standard of beauty we’ve all grown up measuring ourselves up against?  

As a thirteen year old I started to think, If i’m going to fit in here, I have to be something I'm not, because being me is never going to be enough.  

about 2-min

From the age of

thirteen to thirty

I spent over two hundred thousand dollars on schooling, workout videos, gym memberships, personal trainers, diet pills, cook books, and supplements only to hop on the scale after a weekend of letting loose and feel angry and ashamed by the number reflected back to me.

Standing at 5’ 6’’ tall and 140 pounds I was convinced I was never going to be good enough, but somehow I would rope myself into another strict eating plan and exercise routine only to give up weeks later because I couldn’t sustain the pressure and rigidity.

The expectation I had set for myself was so high that I was convinced I was only capable of failing. To deal with the disappointment, I did what I knew. I stuffed my feelings with chips, cookies, or booze. 

This cycle lasted up until the spring of 2016 when everything about my health and well-being felt hard. Leading up to that point my personal power had reached a zero. I had been dumped for the second time in eight years and my self confidence was at an all time low. I was a chronic people pleaser who was terrified of what other people thought of me, because I thought their opinion mattered more than what I thought about myself.

It got to the point where

I thought...

“what is the point of carrying on if this is the way it was going to be?”

But as fate would have it, the Universe had different plans for me. In the Fall of 2015 a friend introduced me to a spiritual teacher whose gentle but powerful coaching helped me understand the deeper why to all the hopelessness I felt. 

The day I met my coach, I began my journey to loving my body and my life. Over a short period of time I let go of the picture of the bus and the sounds of laughter that had haunted me and opened myself up to understand from a much deeper level how bright and brilliant of a light I truly am.  

I fell in love with myself and for the first time in 25 years

I felt beautiful

and it wasn’t this fleeting feeling of being beautiful either, it was a long lasting shiny kind of beautiful and that’s when I stopped binge drinking, restrictive eating, and stress eating and effortlessly returned back to my true self.


Learning to love my body transformed my life! As I shifted out of feeling like my well-being was hard to easy being healthy felt effortless.

My confidence became irresistible and my personal power soared. I reconnected with my gifts to see, hear and communicate with spirit, and in the Summer of 2016, I became a pro at saying no and decided to quit my 9-5 and open my own transformational coaching practice, so I could help people love their body and their life too.  

In less than four years, I grew a 6 figure business and along the way helped transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

Loving my body became a powerful gateway to discover my purpose and without hard work or sacrifice design a lifestyle I love, and this is exactly why I created the group coaching program “Love Your Body, Love Your Life”


I am ready to guide you to turn self sabotaging beliefs and behaviors with your body into radical self acceptance so following this powerful you feel amazingly healthy and you radiate with pure joy because...

you love yourself and your life

more than you ever have before.


"What I know now is that I am beautiful. I know it without pride or uncertainty. I know I am beautiful the same way I know that I breathe. I just am. When I began working with Elizabeth, I was sure I was ugly. I was sure my body was nearly useless, even though I was in a gym five days a week (sometimes doubling up with two workouts in a day) That has all changed now. Now, I've uncovered not only my beauty, but my power."

- Client L.F.

What you will experience

in your new flow state...



  • Engaging conversation, journaling exercises, guided meditations, and hands on energy work.
  • A sacred and intimate setting where you meet spiritual curious and like-minded individuals who like you are seeking alternative solutions to their well-being.
  • Guided assignments and opportunities to interact in our private Facebook community to network, and build your confidence.
  • 16 hours of LIVE coaching 
  • Three 1:1 hour-long private coaching calls post the retreat.
  • Receive direct communication with spirit guides and past loved ones.


"I started working with Elizabeth about a year and a half ago when I walked into her office as a lonely, insecure, and scared ‘girl’. I was uncertain of who I was as a person and where I wanted to go in my life. Through working with Elizabeth, I have discovered many truths about myself by unraveling years (and even lifetimes) of unresolved issues. Her calm, genuine and supportive demeanor along with a comfortable working space provide a safe environment for her and I to work through the layers of my life and clear old toxic energy that was unknowingly holding me back from my true happiness. I have made more progress with Elizabeth than I did working with a traditional therapist which was on and off for most of my adult life." 

- Client Jennifer 

"I love the epiphanies that occur when working with Elizabeth. Identifying these personal and spiritual obstacles seem so obvious once uncovered, yet, I know that I needed the assistance to shed light on them in the first place. Releasing this unneeded ‘weight’ from my life has been exactly what I needed. It’s so freeing - - and having a guide to assist walking further along that path has been a joy."  

- Client Cecily

love your body

love your life!

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