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Your Home From the Inside out 

Have you ever been unhappy with the design or energy flow of your home? Too much clutter? Not enough light? Well, what if the current design of your home is a measuring tool for your well-being? Just like when you drive a car and the speedometer tells you how fast you are going – what if the ambience of your home is like a barometer measuring your emotional well-being (or not), mental well-being (or not), spiritual well-being (or not) or health of your relationships (or not)? 

In any home I visit I can see a person’s mindset reflected at me. Looking into the design and energy flow of a person’s space I better understand their attitudes towards life and how these perceptions show up in their home. For example, when people have clutter in their space, I understand it’s not the size of the space that’s causing the clutter it’s their mindset. The messier the space the more chaotic the mindset. Or have you ever walked into someone’s home who has plenty of natural light, yet you notice it feels dark? In spiritual design we know it’s not a lack of light that’s causing the darkness it’s how this person feels about their life that is. Interestingly, even if we take these two people and put them into a completely different space it won’t change the clutter or darkness. Why? Because the mindset needs to transform before the space can transform.  

In my experience the most powerful thing you can do to improve the design and energy flow of your space is to quiet the mind. I have discovered as people become more mindful the aesthetics of their home mirror this shift back to them. The moment a client regains peace and clarity within is the moment they become inspired to clean house, renovate, and redesign. 

Spiritual home design is an easy way to create beautiful spaces while taking a deeper dive into your own inner world. It’s also an amazing opportunity to transform something old into something new without ever having to hire a designer, broker, or mover – unless you truly want to!

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